What is considered a local movers?

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What is considered a local movers?

One of the first things we get asked as a moving company is “What is considered a local move?” This is a great question and there are a few scenarios we need to understand first. Interstate moves are from one state to another state, this is also referred to as a long-distance move and is provided by a long-distance moving company or a local moving company like us that also leaves the state they are located in. Intrastate moves are moves within a specific state, like from Naples to Jacksonville. A local move is usually considered a move that is less than 50 miles from origin to destination…for example from Fort Myers to Naples. Usually, a local moving company will charge you per hour while the other 2 options may charge by cubic feet and or weight. U-haul movers are also an option when looking to save money on either type of move. Most companies offering any of these 3 different types of moves usually can also assist with professional packing services and any other concern or need you might have

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