Naples Moving Companies-AVOID these Mistakes

To help your move go smoothly, Naples Moving Companies offer these 10 common moving mistakes to avoid:

Naples Moving Companies
Naples Moving Companies want you to avoid these 10 Mistakes!

1. Failing to research your Cape Coral Moving Companies
Thoroughly check your moving company before committing to a contract. Are your movers licensed by your state’s Department of Transportation? Have you examined their record with the Better Business Bureau? Did you check their references?

2. Spending too much on packing
Boxes and newspapers are easy to come by, and often free of charge. Spend a little extra time scrounging to save money on packaging. Click here for a FREE packing quote!

3. Packing heavy items in large boxes
The heaviest items should always go in the smallest possible boxes. Your back, shoulders, and legs will thank you later.

4. Forgetting to take measurements
Make sure to measure the clearance space in your new residence prior to moving day. You don’t want to arrive at your new home only to find that your furniture won’t fit through the front door.

5. Packing flammable, explosive or corrosive materials
You’ll be in violation of the law and put yourself and your movers in danger.

6. Losing your bill of lading
The bill of lading is the contract between you and your Fort Myers Moving Companies. It is essential to reference it if any problems arise along the way, so treat it with care.

7. Leaving outside of boxes blank
Label your boxes thoroughly. Include handling instructions, information on the box’s contents, and the room it’s destined for in your new home.

8. Taking taxes too lightly
There are specific guidelines as to which move-related items are tax-deductible and which aren’t. Make sure to check out the IRS website in advance of your move, and keep all relevant receipts.

9. Disrespecting your Naples Moving Companies
Make sure to introduce yourself to everyone on your moving crew and have refreshments at the ready. Making a good impression could protect your belongings over the long haul.

10. Forgetting to change your address
Check out the USPS address changer before you move and make sure your address is up to date.


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